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Talk about fetishes that excite either of you and try to incorporate these fetishes, however small they may be, into your sex lives. Rub her clit during intercourse. If you take the time out to tell him about all those times he has made you wet in public with just a few choice words or a look, then not only will you be boosting his ego, but you will be fueling his confidence to pay more attention to the little things that really turn you on throughout the day! Why on earth would anyone enjoy playing with the area that your waste exits from? Running your hands all over his oiled up body is also a great way to prime yourself for foreplay and sex!

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Dress sexy and smell great when you slip into the sheets.

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30 Hot Sex Tips: Make Him Want You!

Men are not turned on by your loud screams of delight, they are turned on by the thought that you are genuinely enjoying all of the pleasure they are giving you. Make sure your hand is lubricated and place it around his penis at the base, now with the other lubricated hand work your way up the length of his penis using a circular twisting motion. How to fantasize about someone else with your own lover ]. By letting your voice go first your body gets more uninhibited. Anything else is blasphemous. It is called the Prostate Gland. Get out of your heads and into your bodies.

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