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She turned her head away and marked an X, unaware of the torture she would have to suffer from. Another two tentacles spread apart her ass cheeks painfully, and she felt another tentacle swirling around her tight asshole. After continuing this for several minutes, drawing grunts and loud moans from the girl, Ursula grew bored with the same routine and decided to up the ante. Ursula smirked, darkly teasing, and popped the strap against the little girl's skin. When she jerked at Ursula's voice, her hand brushed against the end of the older woman's tentacle, and the sea witch twitched. Some of my best work, I think. She was so dizzy that the prodding stopped only two seconds before sliding into her ass.

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She was being stretched to her limits, and screamed in pain with each tentacle's movement, yet she also moaned gutturally in pleasure as each tentacle in turn stroked a spot inside of her that made her see stars.

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Prodded Ariel moaned as the tip of a thick tentacle began to poke against her anus and circle her tight asshole until her arousal blinded her. Washed When Ariel saw the small pool, she did not know what it was until Ursula pushed her in. It felt wrong but also good with this intimate stroking and touching Her skin was still pale; her eyes still bright blue, her hair still scarlet red. Ariel was knocked out, but Ursula secretly prepared her for the next few days-her breasts could fill out a DD-bra, her legs were thin and smooth, she had tiny hairs below her belly, and her body was thin and had curves. Ursula lay back on her back and eight tentacles lifted Ariel into the air so she "lay" on her [Ariel's] stomach. Two of the four tentacles moved back down, while the other two wrapped around the base of each of her tits, the suction cups latching on to her skin.

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